Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sometime in the middle of the housewarming party my wife Katherine and I recently hosted, the letterpress printer and bookbinder Laura Thoms mentioned that she'd like to do a print for inclusion in next year's (final) iteration of Minerva's Wreck.

"Hey, " I said, "that'd be great!  I can probably find some awesome bit of verse from David Jewell for you to work on."

And design shaman Marc English, who'd been profiled in Minerva's Wreck: 2009 and was also in the room with us, said, "Well, that should be easy enough."

Marc had seen mine & David's Double Exposure stage show a couple years before & so had experienced DJ's spoken-word wit & mysticism live, as they say, in concert. So, yeah, he knows there's no great difficulty in finding Jewell texts that are (at least)  worthy of excellent design, display, and distribution.

But, although there'll be something by Laura Thoms in MW: 2011, that something probably won't, on second thought, incorporate text by David Jewell. Because, after all, the man will already be represented therein: A work of Jewell's, boldly illustrated, has long been designated as the two-color centerspread for that issue.

So, that's that.


Except that we're going to produce, first, a thing called Jewell 1-2-3.

Which is, as the title implies, three separate volumes of work ... and each of these volumes will be approximately tabloid sized, and will (besides possessing sufficient intellectual heft) be the sort of visually appealing artifact that might improve the top of your coffee table or reading desk.

And they'll be distributed, one volume each month, starting in November.

Fuck, yeah.