Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jewells Among Us

Right, so the first volume of Jewell 1-2-3
is back from the printer & being distributed
by myself and its author.

( The second volume is due sometime soon
& will be released during the second week of December.
 The third volume will be sent out in January,
is the plan. )

These books are bits of prose & verse from that multifaceted David Jewell (see previous post for more), set in spare surroundings and in oversized type, because even brilliant texts are sometimes overlooked because they're presented in too-small print and/or with too goddam many other bits of brilliant text.

I mean, c'mon.

This trilogy's printed as 500 of each volume;
I'm sending out 135 copies of each, gratis,
to the Usual Suspects of Cafe Armageddon/Minerva's Wreck:
To the people, in other words, who've done me favors
or provided comps over the years;
or to people I've worked on projects with;
or to people I'd like to work on a project with in the future;
or to people I'd like, for one reason or another, to impress
with my meager curatorial and design skills.

Of course, that's a lot of people
& perhaps you've been neglected,
and perhaps unintentionally, free-copywise.
For which, ah, my sincere apologies
& look to my somewhat haphazard methods
of keeping track of these documents once they're been printed
to explain the oversight.

But also know that Jewell himself
has more'n 300 of each volume,
and will also likely give you one if you ask nicely for it,
and he might also be selling them via the good offices of Domy Books.

Okay.  Okay.